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Customer Service - Authenticity

Our Authenticity Guarantee

Authenticity is the cornerstone of Poshbag Boutique. We guarantee the authenticity of every item we sell with our lifetime 100% money-back authenticity guarantee. Every item includes a Poshbag Boutique Authenticity Guarantee.


The Authentication Process

Every item on our site has passed our rigorous authentication process. Our multi-point authentication process begins with a manual inspection by our in-house expert authenticators. This includes a comprehensive examination of brand- and style-specific markings, including hardware, stitching, materials, date/serial codes and, if applicable, additional accessories such as authenticity cards and receipts.

As part of our authentication process, we also employ Entrupy, a technology that takes multiple microscopic images of an item to determine authenticity with 99.1% accuracy. The use of both manual and technological authentication methods distinguishes Poshbag Boutique as a trusted authority on authenticity.


Counterfeit Disclaimer

Poshbag Boutique does not accept counterfeit goods. We take authenticity seriously and are actively involved in the fight against counterfeit goods. Consigned bags that are found to be inauthentic will not be returned and will be destroyed.


Brand Disclaimer

Poshbag Boutique is not affiliated with any brands. Our Poshbag Boutique Authenticity Guarantee is offered solely by Poshbag Boutique; brands are not responsible for any purchase from Poshbag Boutique.