How To Authenticate A Gucci Bag — 5 Pro Tips For You

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5 Steps To Authenticate A Gucci Bag

Special attention is paid to:

  • Materials used
  • Craftsmanship; and
  • Signature flair

Unfortunately, it is one of the most counterfeited luxury designer brands.

How can I tell if my Gucci handbag is real?

If you are planning to buy your first Gucci bag, then you came to the right place. Here are five vital steps to authenticate a Gucci bag before purchasing.

1. Serial Number

Gucci Serial Number
The Serial Number tag is the first thing you must inspect in a Gucci bag. First, look for the serial number in the interior of the handbag.

Next, check if you find a serial number near the interior zipped pocket. You will find it on a rectangular leather tag.

Checklist on serial numbers for Gucci Handbags:

  • Gucci never includes the date the bag was made in the serial number. 

  • The serial numbers should only have numbers, never letters. 
  • Normally the serial numbers are listed in 2 lines with a 6 digit number. 
  • The serial number is normally located on a leather patch sewn at its top to the inside of the bag.
  • The tag should be a square o slightly vertical rectangle. 
  • The first line of the serial number indicates the style and the second line indicates the supplier code. 

Gucci Serial Number

2. Materials and Handiwork

Gucci Materials and Handiwork
One obvious sign of an authentic bag is the materials used. If the hardware feels too light and flimsy, chances are the bag is inauthentic. Check every part of the bag, including the tassel, zipper, and tag.

Checklist on materials, hardware and handiwork for Gucci Bags:

  • Weight: The weight should have a good quality, it shout not be light.
  • Zippers: They should be well engraved and made of metal with the brand on them. 
  • The Gucci Handbags should have a smooth texture. 


3. Stitching

Gucci Stitching

Gucci prides itself on being meticulous during the manufacturing process. This includes the quality of the stitching done on the bag. Make sure that the stitching is uniformed, clean, and even. For example, A Gucci bag’s tag is never sewn down on all sides —only the top.


Checklist on stitching and details:

  • The stitching should be uniform and balanced. 
  • The stitching should have the same color as the bag. 
  • The GG pattern should be even through out the bag and with the same distance. 
  • The left G should facing forward and the right G is facing mirrored. 

Stitching Gucci

4. Logo

Gucci Logo
Observe the font used on the bag’s brand. For example, the G in the Gucci logo should be round, so if you were to extend the line of the G, it would almost form an O.

Take note of any slight differences in shape, letter distance, and font. It is a surefire sign that the Gucci bag in question is inauthentic.

Checklist on logo Gucci Bags:

    • The logo in the tag should include “made in italy” in all lowercase letters.
    • In the tag just below the “made in italy” should have “GUCCI” in all-capitalized signature Gucci font. 

Logo Gucci

5. QR Code

For the newer Gucci bags, you can check for QR codes. And unlike serial codes, you can scan the bag’s QR code using a smartphone to check for authenticity.
Gucci QR Code

Do you have an eye to spot an authentic Gucci Bag

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